Christine Sailer

Senior Sales Manager CineTec

Tel. +49 89 62 98 66 32

Christine puts this focus into satisfying the demands of her myriad customers in keeping the motto of Mahatma Gandhi: A customer is the most important visitor to our company. He does not depend on us. We depend on him. He does not interrupt our work; he is the goal and purpose of our work. He is not an outsider in our work. He is part of it…  To this end, the CineTec expert can reach into her reserve of 30 years' experience in the industry. Her enthusiasm for television production goes back to the beginning of her career, and since 2011, she has contributed to the DENZ team with her comprehensive knowledge of the technical fine points of complex camera equipment, as well as her natural affinity for technology and her distinctive customer focus.  Her passion for the motion picture industry, combined with her many years' experience and her eye for detail and quality, make her a "real blockbuster" in the industry, known to all.