Quality Management

Customer Focus and Relationship Management

The confidence of our clients and lasting relationships with them are of utmost importance in our professional and business practices. We assure our continuing success with DENZ via our consistently intensive focus on fulfilment of our clients' expectations. We see every interaction with our partners as having new potential for increasing the capability of our enterprise.


In our view, outstanding relationship management is a primary contributor to the sustainable success of leading our enterprise. We stress partnership values in our mutual efforts with our clients, suppliers and cooperative associates; this allows for the optimal collective utilization of innovative opportunities. We share resources, knowledge and possibilities in manners both sensible and profitable, and as such can achieve best value in new developments for all participants.

Dedication, Self-reliance and Continuous Improvement

Starting with upper management and continuing through to each individual staff member, each of us acts as a model for our philosophy of quality. Our high quality standards are reflected in every detail of our work. Direct and open communication on all levels of our organization allows us to adapt our processes quickly and effectively to any new situation.

In this way, we can quickly and flexibly react to changes in the industry, and thus continually optimize our utility to our clients. We react quickly to both internal and external feedback, analyse problem issues without delay and utilize regular meetings and assessments for the evaluation of both active and completed projects. The embedding and review of critical inputs allows for assurance of a continuous improvement process.


Our assurance of quality is built upon the self-initiative of our highly-motivated and competent team members. We hold regular workshops and discussions with our staff members with the goal of incorporating their important experiences, ideas and suggestions as feedback in the optimisation of our quality processes.

Processes, Analyses and Objective Decision-Making

In order to achieve satisfactory results, our processes are perfectly tuned to each other. We achieve maximum foreseeability via precise and thoroughly considered planning, into which we incorporate the collective experience of our entire team.


Individual process steps are regularly challenged and tested via internal audits; this assures that our work processes can always meet the current demands of a rapidly changing industry. In a complex environment, decision-making is often accompanied by marked uncertainties. For this reason, we are always alert to the need for analysis and gauging of all aspects, effects, causes and risks. Our highly-qualified personnel use their many years of experience to contribute the subjective assessments necessary for the interpretation of data sets and subsequent actioning of decisions.

Our quality is also certified by ISO 9001: 2015.