Dr. Till Vogels

Managing Director

Tel. +49 89 62 98 66 0

Dr Till Vogels assumed the position of Managing Director on October 1, 2020.  His interest in engineering goes back to his childhood – he already saw the satisfaction there was to be had in challenging oneself and finding new solutions.  With the goal of becoming an engineer, he took up a career path that led him to become an expert in machinery construction with an especial focus on production technology.  His thesis project dealt with precision cutting technology, which became a central point of concentration throughout his career and his advancement to a doctorate.  His eye for technical precision and his sense for optimal process structuring were put to good use during his time as a developer for train technology at Siemens.

However, this ambitious sportsman did not only bring technical expertise to Denz.  It is not only when kitesurfing that Mr. Vogels quickly achieves the overview – both strategically and operatively, he never loses the Big Picture.  From the overarching perspective down to the small details, he has led both businesses and people during his management career, and knows, what is important for the future: "At Denz, we want to develop both new markets and new business areas – we can thus grow together, both innovatively and sustainably".