PLC - Portable Lens Projector


DENZ PLC MK II - a portable companion on location or with clients.  This ultra-light and compact test projector allows for quick and easy confirmation of flange depth shimming as well as evaluation of optical performance.  Base models are available with PL, LPL and E-mount as basic mounts, which can be used with suitable adapters.  With its feature set and adjustable flange depth, the PLC is unmatched regarding price/performance.


•    Robust mechanical reticle drive, low-maintenance, high thermic stability
•    Total travel range of reticle: 1,5mm
•    Reticle position scaling: 10 microns per tick mark
•    Formats (small to large)
     2/3 "HD
     S35 + Anamorphic
     Alexa 16: 9
    Alexa 35 Open Gate
    RED Helium 8K
    RED Weapon 8K
    Alexa LF 16x9
    Alexa LF 2.39
    Vista Vision
    Full Frame 36x24
    RED Weapon 8K (Monstro)

•    Resolution and geometry symbols:    
     Line pair blocks 50/100/200 lp/mm    
     Siemens Stars 50/100/200 lp/mm
     Anamorphic Siemens stars 2: 1: 25/35/70/100/140
     anamorphic ellipse targets: 2: 1 / 1,8: 1 / 1,65: 1 / 1,33: 1
•    LED optimized for even field illumination
•    Coverage up to full frame 35mm; no lamp change necessary
•    Intensity up to 4200lm
•    5000°K color temperature
•    Thermic stability: active cooling allows for constant use at highest illumination level, the light element is continuously cooled
•    Automatic shut-down if overheating occurs
•    Dimmable in 3 steps:  25%, 50%, 100%

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Item number


Single price


PLC PL – Portable Lens Checker for PL-lenses – Mark II

€ 7500.00


PLC LPL – Portable Lens Checker for LPL-lenses – Mark II

€ 7500.00


PLC E – Portable Lens Checker for Sony E-lenses – Mark II

€ 7500.00


PLC/MFC – Calibrating Set

€ 1300.00


Universal-Support "David" incl support angle

€ 510.00


PLC – Handle

€ 268.00


Tandem Bracket for Ø15mm to Ø19mm Bars

€ 140.00


Application film

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