FDC multi


DENZ FDC multi stands for reliability when shooting.  The DENZ FDC multi assures that the flange depth of your camera is correct; in addition to its accuracy, the FDC multi is renowned for its compactness and pronounced ease-of-use. Via the FDC multi adapter system, it can be used on various camera mounts.

  • Checking of flange depth with the FDC yields an exact reading of the deviation between actual flange depth and ideal flange depth.
  • Easy determination of necessary shimming.
  • The previous method of adjusting flange depth via repeated estimation, trial and error is no longer necessary.
  • An AC power supply is included for testing station use. AC / DC: Input: 100-240 V; 50-80 Hz; 300 mA / Output: 5 V; 1,5 A 
  • Power supply also possible via 3V-battery; the FD multi can thus be easily used on set and bring shop accuracy to location work.
  • Adapters are available for LPL-, EF-, RF-, MFT-, E- and F-Mount.
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