Christian Gritscher

Head of Manufacturing

Tel. +49 89 62 98 66 26

Today, Christian is an accredited Master of Manufacturing in his own right, but he also continues a family tradition – as a child, he often accompanied his father to his work as a master machinist at DENZ. In 2016, he tried out for Head of Manufacturing at DENZ and won the role, which he now plays with dedication. Christian is an enthusiastic downhill-biker and obstacle-racer, which means he knows quite well that one must always be able to depend on his/her equipment, and difficulties and hurdles do not daunt him. At work, he expresses himself in the traditional Bavarian manner: "I make sure that it all runs." He is the clever brain behind every solution and the specialist who assures that the wheels of production turn in unison. Lastly, he is the heart that maintains the morale and motivation of his team.