The new Video Assist system for the OIC-FF director's finder

Coinciding with their 50-year anniversary, DENZ is proud to introduce this new product that couples their patented and Academy-recognized Video Assist technology with their renowned full-frame director's finder. Camera assistants and crew can now simultaneously view the image from the director's finder via tablet or monitor. The OIC-FF-Video provides an HD image via standard HDMI output. Questions about lens, field of view, focal length and general look will be quickly answerable.


What can the OIC-FF do?


  • Video image in HD-quality
  • HDMI-output can be fed into transmitter, tablet or monitor
  • Power requirement 5V; can be supplied from normal USB-powerbanks
  • Connection between camera and HDMI-module via USB, can be extended with standard cables
  • Anamorphic de-squeeze functions as quickly as before, no video adjustment necessary
  • Adjustable iris for adjustment to varying light conditions; depth-of-field characteristics on ground-glass remain true
  • Threaded attachment points for video transmitter and/or battery
  • Existing OIC-FFs can be modified