Monitor mounting system (yoke)

DENZ introduces a brand new monitor mounting system (yoke) for high-end studio monitors that meets the highest requirements when used on the film set and in the studio. The professional solution for professional TV/Film studio monitors. In contrast to competitor products, DENZ relies on high-strength aluminum profiles that are milled from solid, give the monitor a secure stand even in an inclined position and can be combined with a variety of tripod feet. A matching table stand is also offered. The modular design makes it possible to offer the right yoke for many monitor manufacturers.


  • secure and balanced mounting solution for use baby stand (5/8") or junior stand (1-1/8")
  • milled from the solid using highest durable aluminium
  • ability to angle the monitor with a sturdy adjusting knob (made of aluminium)
  • thread holes of ARRI pinlock 3/8“ for mounting accessories on bottom and sides
  • surface hard-coated


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Item numberDescriptionSingle price in €
C0100283DENZ Yoke Mount für Small HD 24' Cine Bright Pro Monitor845,-
C0100282DENZ Yoke Mount für Small HD 22“ 4K OLED Reference Monitor825,-
C0100284DENZ Yoke Mount für Sony Monitor PVM-X1800825,-
C0100285DENZ Yoke Mount für Sony Monitor PVM-X2400845,-
C0100286DENZ Yoke Mount für TV Logic Monitor LUM-242H/G/G-AG845,-
C0100287DENZ Yoke Mount für Atomos NEON 24“ 4K HDR Cinema Monitor845,-
C0100291DENZ Yoke Mount für Atomos NEON 17“825,-